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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Senior Athlete Profiles

Molly Blust

Molly Blust '13. Photos by Devika Doowa.
Molly Blust ’13. Photos by Devika Doowa.

“After college I’m going to take a year or two off before going to graduate school. I definitely plan to continue being heavily involved in the sport of cycling. I plan to continue road racing through the summers and cyclocross racing in the fall. I got hooked on track racing recently as well, so I’ll likely continue that. I’m actually really looking forward to having some more time to ride/train and not feel guilty about cutting down my time to do homework because of it. I cannot even begin to describe the huge impact that sports at Whitman have contributed to my experience. I have gained so many helpful skills from the administrative positions I’ve been in on the team. I have gained leadership skills; can plan travel for a large number of people; am really good at sending emails, if I do say so myself; can talk professionally with sponsors/potential sponsors/alumni/parents/supporters/clothing companies; and [have] learned how to use blogs, Twitter and Facebook to keep all of the people mentioned earlier informed on our results and progress. I have also learned that sometimes winning and results are not the most important thing in the world. I have learned so much from all of my teammates about teamwork, perseverance, character, spirit and confidence. I have met amazing people that I would have never had the chance to meet if I weren’t riding my bike. Through our sponsorship with Allegro Cyclery in downtown Walla Walla, I’ve gained a second family, and having a strong community connection has influenced me in my time at Whitman so much. I could go on for pages about my experiences and how this sport has impacted my experience at both Whitman and my life in general.”

Emilie Gilbert

Emilie Gilbert '13
Emilie Gilbert ’13

“My time at Whitman has been truly amazing. I was so fortunate to be a part of women’s cross country and basketball, representing Whitman College at the NCAA National Championships in both sports. However, the best experience was the journey every season provided, and the support I felt from my teammates and the athletic department. Every season was memorable because of my wonderful teammates, and I truly value the friendships I have built these past four years. After graduating Whitman with a degree in economics, I am hoping to get a job in business, and possibly pursue a MBA. My participation and accomplishments in Whitman athletics have caused me to grow as a person, perfect my time management skills and develop lifelong friendships. Whatever my future holds, both my academic and athletic experiences will help me succeed.”

Ryan Gilkey

“Some highlights for me were making it to two conference championship games––that was obviously a blast––and beating the number one team in the nation (and at that time undefeated) was also a blast. I mainly just value the people you meet and who slowly become family to you. Absolutely, I learned some lessons; that is by far the best personal gain anyone can get from athletics, unless you’re David Beckham and marry a Spice Girl. Probably the most important skill I learned is the mental willpower. Athletics teaches you the willpower necessary to grind through tough situations like nothing else can. Everyone experiences tough mental situations, but athletes are also forced to face physical strain on top of that. A well-taught athlete is a tough person to beat, in any environment. I have become an avid hunter and fisher. I will also continue lifting, as that is now a habit of mine.  There is a reason why college athletes are given preference (if all else equal) while searching for jobs. The combination of teamwork, leadership and what I call mental willpower training is driven into you every day for four or more years. At the end of the road, they are habits. I came to school my senior year already having signed a contract for my job because of these skills. To give you a specific example, athletics teaches people the mental willpower and ambition it takes to drive 10 hours overnight in the middle of finals week and sleep in your car just so you can interview in person rather than over Skype. However, those are the kinds of things and the kind of people that get things done and put themselves in opportunities to achieve great things. When opportunity knocks, you better break down the door before someone else beats you to it. Athletics teaches you that not everyone can win, and it teaches you to take the necessary steps beforehand so that you can put yourself in the best situation possible when opportunities are presented to you.”

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