First-Year Profile: Marcos Medina

Tristan Gavin

Profile: First-year Marcos Medina

Sport: Soccer

Hometown: Walla Walla, WA

Medina grew up in the local area and has already asserted himself as a contributor to the 2012 Whitman men’s soccer team, providing a pair of assists in his first two weekends of collegiate soccer.

Marcos Medina ’16 is a promising new player on Whitman men’s varsity soccer team.  Photos by Tanner Bowersox.

What was it like growing up locally?

Medina: I actually grew up in Milton-Freewater for most of my childhood. I moved to Walla Walla in eighth grade and attended Walla Walla High School the following year. It’s a small community so there isn’t a whole lot to do, but I grew up with soccer and made a lot of friends through that.

How was your time playing soccer for Walla Walla High School?

Medina: I made the varsity team as a freshman, so I joined the team the same year as [Whitman head coach] Mike Washington. Our team had its best year when I was a sophomore, but my best individual season was as a senior when I made the All-Conference team.

What was it like getting to know Mike Washington prior to coming to Whitman?

Medina: I played club with him for several months before high school, so I have known him for over four years now. He is a really great coach and very funny. It will be great to have another four years because I know his coaching style and what he expects of his players.

What made you choose Whitman?

Medina: I was looking at other schools in the state like Gonzaga and the University of Washington, but Whitman awarded me a Lomen-Douglas scholarship that made it my top choice.

Medina on the field

How has the adjustment been to Whitman life? 

Medina: [Being from Walla Walla] made the adjustment of moving out much easier, knowing that my family was very close by, but it definitely feels like I am away from home despite being able to see my parents whenever I need to. It’s funny, I have met lots of people from all over the country since getting to school, but they are always surprised that I am actually from here.

How often do you see your family?

Medina: It’s really up to me to make the effort. I enjoy being independent, but I also try to see them at least once a week, whether it is for dinner or just to do some laundry.

How did the soccer preseason go?

Medina: I was able to come early for captain’s practices and was one of the only freshmen … around for that. It was definitely tough having two practices every day, but made me a lot more comfortable going into the season having gotten to know the players for a couple of weeks.

Medina is hopeful for the season ahead.

How has it been traveling with the team thus far?

Medina: It has been tough to miss school in my first weeks of college, but I got to go to California with the team twice already. Our first trip was actually my first time flying in a plane.  It was really great to get out of the state and play teams with a high level of competition.

How does the team look this year?

Medina: We have finished in the middle of the conference for the past couple years but have a lot of returning players and definitely expect to compete for the top of the conference this year.

What are some of your personal goals for the season?

Medina: I definitely want to get quicker and better with the ball. As a freshman I hope to really improve this year, making the jump to collegiate soccer.