Whitman students’ home states reflect midterm election trends

Hadley Jolley

Photo Credit: Kendra Klag
Photo Credit: Kendra Klag

Last weekend, Washington State Senator Patty Murray-D made a last-minute trip to Walla Walla in her final push to retain her seat in the Senate. As of Wednesday night, the Washington senatorial race remained undecided, with Murray leading contender Dino Rossi-R by a less than one percent margin. Nationwide, Republicans reclaimed the House, while Democrats barely held on to control of the Senate.

Although Oregon Senator Ron Wyden-D easily won re-election, the state’s gubernatorial race was closely contested with John Kitzhaber-D claiming victory late Wednesday night.

In California, another major home state of Whitman students, the highly debated Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana failed by a 56.9 percent vote.

Photo Credit: Kendra Kla

Last Saturday, Oct. 30, Senator Patty Murray-D made a surprise visit to Walla Walla in an attempt to garner last minute support in Washington state’s highly contested senatorial race. Over 200 Murray supporters rallied at Walla Walla Community College where Murray discussed her experience in the Senate. She also outlined the direct results she has brought to Walla Walla County, including state-funded improvements to Highway 12 and increased funding for Walla Walla’s Jonathan M. Wainwright Memorial VA Medical Center.

Photo Credit: Kendra Klag