From Wheat to Bread: A Photo Essay on the Process of Breadmaking with Walla Walla Bread Co.


Caitlin Bergman

It’s no secret that the average Whitman student has high expectations for a sandwich. In a small town amidst rolling wheat fields and extremely fertile ground, the colleges’ location gives students easy access to fresh and local breads, arguably the sandwiches most crucial ingredient. The type of bread can make or break a sandwich. Not only does it serve as a backbone for the fillings; the bread is the first thing you sink your teeth into.
My personal favorite sandwiches come from the Walla Walla Bread Co., a local eatery known for making and distributing breads all over town, from pretzels rolls at Prentiss Dining Hall to dinner loaves at the Marcus Whitman Hotel. But how exactly is this bread made? And what’s the story of  how my Walla Walla Bread Co.  Ciabatta turkey bacon cheddar club came to be? After further investigation, I discovered that the single most important part of a sandwich’s life begins with a single grain.