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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Another Socially Conscious Seattle-Based Hip-hop Group Comes to Campus

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Illustration by Asa Mease.

This Thursday, April 3, Whitman will host yet another socially conscious Seattle-based hip-hop artist, RAPlemore, to play in the Reid Campus Center. Preaching for world peace and an end to mass consumption of GMOs, RAPlemore is sure to jive with issues that concern the average Whittie.

“I was really inspired by, ya know, big people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Bill McKibben. I’m just preaching their positive message to the masses, ya know,” said RAPlemore.

RAPlemore’s second album, “Eco-friendly4life,” which is made from recycled bottles and elephant poop, has reached No. 1 on Spotify’s soft hip-hop chart. Its lead track, “Mo Money, Mo Help for the Needy,” can be found blasting Thursday through Sunday night at any Whitman frat. Many students highly anticipate his visit and have been avid fans for months.

“His songs just really speak to me on a spiritual level. I like to dance to the beat of hip-hop music, and with RAPlemore I know I can do that without being objectified as a woman,” said junior Sherri Cherry.

Other male students similarly appreciate RAPlemore’s thoughtfulness to more socially sensitive issues.

“I really appreciate RAPlemore’s thoughtful lyrics that accompany his smart and innovative beats. In my opinion, he is sure to be one of the most important contemporary rap artists,” said Nin Quelson on his hip-hop blog in The Pioneer.

The appreciation felt by students is not, however, representative of the hip-hop world. Whitman’s tendency to choose such regionally and culturally similar hip-hop artists has angered other artists who are similarly trying to make a name for themselves in the liberal arts bumping music scene.

“Well excuse fuckin’ me that I don’t always spit about the monopolization enforced by our current patriarchal hegemonic system. People are so fucking sensitive. Shit,” said misogynistic and homophobic rapper Tyler, the Creator.

Despite this outside hostility, students are excited for more of what they’ve had in previous years. Tickets sold out on the first day of sales and Reid Ballroom is expected to be packed to max capacity, so make sure to arrive at the concert at least three hours early.

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