KWCW Show of the Week: Neat Beats

A good way to wind-down after a long Friday is listening to Sophomore Maddy Gyongyosi and Sophomore Will Selman’s KWCW show “Neat Beats” from 5pm-7pm.


Photo by Jillian Briglia

Emma Cooper

A good way to wind down after a long Friday is listening to Sophomore Maddy Gyongyosi and Sophomore Will Selman’s KWCW show “Neat Beats” from 5pm-7pm.

The show features new and cool alternative indie/rock and electronic music. This mash-up of sounds reflects on the fusion of Gyongyosi and Selman’s taste. In a collaborative interview, the two hashed out their style of music:

S: We play mostly alternative, indie/rock, a little bit more on the electronic side though. She has probably a little more of an electronic taste.

G: We have slightly different tastes in music.

S: But very like a centralized sound. She’s a little bit more electronic and I’m probably a little bit more indie/rock.

G: Yeah, so we mesh it together, and we like to play a lot of new music and old/new music.

The idea for Gyongyosi and Selman’s show began back when they were first years on a scramble together. Taking on the duties of DJ’s for their scramble, Gyongyosi and Selman found their music to be a commonality between them.

S: We were on the scramble together, and we just essentially AUX cord-DJ-ed the entire scramble up to the San Juan’s and back.

G: So we figured we’d share our music tastes with the KW.

Photo by Jillian Briglia

Once the idea to do a radio show was rolling, coming up with the show’s name was the next big step. “Neat Beats” was the original name for the show, but now it has begun to take on a whole new life through a spelling error.

G: The name’s kind of a funny topic because “Neat Beats” was the most clever thing we could think of at the time. When we were reapplying, we were thinking of changing it, but then we just didn’t because we liked it. And then, we’re now in a weird spot because they misspelled it on the sheet that has it all on there. And it’s “Neat Bears.” And we kind of like that.

S: Officially it’s “Neat Beats,” but on the show, we’re sort of addressing it as “Neat Bears.”

Both Gyongyosi and Selman enjoy performing and DJ-ing “Neat Beats.” Selman enjoys not only getting to share the music that he listens to, but also getting to relax with their show’s audience after a long Friday.

S: It’s nice, especially for me, because our show is Friday 5-7, and my Friday is: Biology, Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Lab, and so I get out of that and it’s a nice two hour period. You can’t really do anything other than talk about music and listen to music. So it’s a nice gap.

Photo by Jillian Briglia

Gyongyosi appreciates the new music that gets introduced to her through the KWCW team. Getting to hear new, cool music is just as fun as sharing her music on Neat Beats.

G: I really like just having those two hours a week where we can just share the kind of music we’ve been listening to and things that we’ve been diggin’ musically, but then also KW is a great way to find new music too, because the managers at KW find really great music. So it broadens our musical horizons and allow us to play that on the show as well.