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Movie Drinking Games

Last Thursday, I was curling up on my couch with a nice glass of wine getting ready to start my Shonda Rhimes night with “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” when it dawned on me that hey, I’m drinking a glass of red wine just like Olivia Pope–– she in an Armani suit with a 1991 bottle and me in sweatpants with a 2014 bottle. Sharing a glass of wine with “Scandal” got me thinking maybe there were other characters I should share a beverage with. Maybe a White Russian with The Dude while watching “The Big Lebowski.” Pretty soon I was researching shows with actors drinking, which naturally progressed to movie drinking games. This is college, right?

The Dude is the man not only for sharing a drink, but also for kicking off a movie drinking game night. Each player must drink a White Russian every time The Dude drinks one. Here are a couple of games with rules that made me chuckle:

“Lord of the Rings”: Drink every time Frodo looks like he is jizzing himself.

“Top Gun: Drink every time there is a homoerotic look shared between two actors.

“Zoolander”: Drink every time Will Ferrell looks like his dog.

“Archer”: Drink every time Archer references Burt Reynolds.

“Dirty Dancing”: Drink every time a dancer exposes a thigh.

The possibilities were seemingly endless (and very dangerous, so always drink in moderation and look after your friends). The goal of these drinking games seems to not be about watching the movie but just to get you highly intoxicated as quickly as possible. However, in talking with friends who have partaken in these games, I found most people actually seem to enjoy the movies the further into the game they are. One person went so far to say how drinking games actually made them more conscious about what was going on in the movie as they had to pay attention to details to not break the rules. Another person, who probably had just finished participating in one such game, gave me a big bear hug and explained how the games are just a way to bring friends together to bond.

Having a drink and watching a movie or TV show is a social event that combines my favorite activities of watching shows and hanging out with friends.

This weekend you probably won’t find me taking a shot every time someone says “fuck” in “Reservoir Dogs,” but you might find me trying to convince a group of friends to share a cosmo with Carrie and the gang while watching “Sex in the City.”

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