“The Cabin in the Woods” surprises with satiric, bloody good time

Nathan Fisher

Illustration: Alex Bailey

In my vast experience as a movie reviewer (eight months) and 19 years of movie watching, I never––NEVER thought I would recommend, let alone voluntarily go see a horror movie. Well, “The Cabin in the Woods” changes all of my preconceived notions about horror flicks––it was amazing, albeit scary, gory and bloody.

“The Cabin in the Woods” has a tricky and intricate plot which is hard to believe in a horror film. Without giving away the key points of the plot, a group of college friends decide to take a weekend vacation to a remote cabin away from civilization. The group consists of two girls, a jock, his buddy and, (my personal favorite), a stoner. Sounds cheesy, but a secret underground lair, headed by the hilarious masterminds Stitterson (Richard Jenkins) and Hadley (Bradley Whitford), controls what happens in and around the cabin. Oh, it’s so hard for me not to spill the beans and tell what happens. Suffice it to say that the bizarre and scary twists and turns keep coming as the group of friends goes up against––ugh, dear me, I can’t say it! Let’s just say, oh so many bad things happen to our weekend sojourners. You really have to see this movie to experience the well-plotted and crafted horror.

Now, “The Cabin in the Woods” is NOT “The Little House on the Prairie.” It’s full of “horror” and seems at times to be a satire as well as giving homage to the horror genre. I loved it because it was so incredibly unpredictable and kept me at the edge of my seat, waiting for the next shock to my senses. Jenkins and Whitford along with the stoner Marty (Fran Kranz) are hysterical and keep taking your mind off the fact that more blood is spilled in this movie than in “Kill Bill.”

I walked into the theater regretting my decision to watch and write a review on a horror movie, but bounded out of the theater with my mind blown and a smile on my face! The teenage girls behind me certainly peed their pants, several times, and the audience got the scare they came for, and soooo much more. Really, you have to see this flick! Freddy Krueger, sit down and move over! Anyone up for renting a cabin in the Blue Mountains this weekend?!