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Vol. CLIV, Issue 3
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One Month In, A Freshman Calls It Like It Is

Faith Crossan, Opinion Columnist September 21, 2023

On the fateful day that was Aug. 23, swarms of anxious, overly eager freshmen flocked together in the streets that surround the Whitman campus, ready to move into their new home. Through the madness of...

First-year taken hostage: Released under the condition they join sight-singing club

Carmel Stephan, town crier September 29, 2022

On Wednesday night, a first-year student was abducted from their room in Anderson C-sec and taken hostage by a group of unknown choir students. Starting the next morning, campus security spent a fruitless...

Summer advising changes spark conversation about shared governance

Sara Marshall, News Reporter May 5, 2022

In response to concerns about the preparedness of incoming students during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, the college implemented academic advising for first-year students during the summer....

Illustration by Paloma Link.

Class of 2025 students reflect on first-year residence hall life

Ben Kearney, Campus Life Reporter March 3, 2022

With a record number of students admitted this school year, Whitman has a total of five residence halls in use housing first-years. Now comes the time to ask the class of 2025 about dorm life and what...

New students navigate on-campus job hunt

Mo Dow, Campus Life Reporter September 23, 2021

The academic year has started picking up steam already, and many first-year students are struggling to strike a balance between their class work and their on-campus jobs. However, other students are still...

Illustration by Madi Welch.

Home is wherever you make it

Angel Baikakedi, Columnist March 18, 2021

We are all familiar with the saying “Home is where the heart is,” but I believe that home is wherever you make it. Around this time last year, before I came to Whitman, I was making plans to go home...

Illustration by Eli Rodriguez.

Whitties start betting on which hall will be quarantined next

Conor Bartol, Oatmeal Enthusiast February 25, 2021

Following last week’s quarantine of Anderson Hall, some enterprising Whitman students have attempted to turn a profit by creating an underground gambling ring based on residence hall lockdowns. The...

Four things Whitman College didn’t tell me on move-in day

Rachel Husband, Too Tired to Title Myself February 25, 2021

In the college’s efforts to follow COVID-19 protocol and open campus safely, they neglected to actually orient first year students to campus. A lot was going on for the college, what with the pandemic...

Why race and ethnicity courses should be required

Rina Cakrani, Columnist November 14, 2019

All first-years at Whitman are required to take Encounters and meet distribution requirements, but considering the current society we are part of, I believe that all students should also be required to...

What Scramble Did You Go On?

Gavin Victor, Columnist September 23, 2019

Here at Whitman, everybody gets asked this question, especially during their first year. Pre-orientation “Immersion” trips are social kickstarters to many Whitman students, and Scrambles are one of...

First-year breaks through with ingenious new reading of Marx

Ann Karneus, Rejected Mathlete September 28, 2018

Whitman first year Tom Jones, who recently finished three chapters of “The Communist Manifesto” in Encounters, thinks that he’s ready to take a stab at what exactly this Marx guy is all about. After...

Illustration by Megan Waldau

TonyTalks: Welcome Back

Anthony Reale, Crab Polisher September 23, 2018

Ah, the scent of first-year confusion. This is the one of those things that brings me back to campus every year, alongside watching first-years bump into statues and apologize, actually do homework...

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