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Spotlight on Students: KnitWhits

Spotlight on Students: KnitWhits

Afton Weaver, Staff Writer
February 16, 2017
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KnitWhits, a fiber arts and knitting club at Whitman, allows students to engage in conversation, and relieve stress, while using yarn to harness their inner creativity. KnitWhits is open to all Whitman students, regardless of experience level. The club is not confined to simply knitting; members participate...

Social Dance Club

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer
April 14, 2016
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Sometimes, you really just can't fight that urge to get up and dance. Fortunately, when that happens, there's a club tailor-made for you.

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Club Disbands After Members Exhaust Dating Options

Martina Pansze
April 1, 2016
Filed under Humor, Jack Issue

Following a press release on Tuesday, the Whitman Alpine Luge Team (WALT) will be disbanding indefinitely.

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Whitman Socialist Front Embezzles Club Funds

Ben Freedman, humor edi
February 11, 2016
Filed under Humor

After being ratified as a club by ASWC, the Whitman Socialist Front has begun to make a name for itself around campus, attracting droves of Whittie comrades looking to see who can “out-liberal” one other. When asked to comment on the success of the organization, club president Bryn Louise shrugged,...

A close look at club continuity

Lane Barton
February 12, 2015
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Engagement beyond academics is a part of life for most students at Whitman, and there are currently 55 ASWC-funded clubs on campus. However, only 12 of the clubs with active membership today existed on campus eight years ago: Action for Animals, Black Student Union, Feminists Advocating Change and Empowerment,...

Varsity Volleyballers Aid Club Team

Varsity Volleyballers Aid Club Team

Peter Clark
February 21, 2013
Filed under SPORTS

Club sports constantly face uphill battles. They are often underfunded, have limited practice times and endure varying commitment levels from members of the team. While the men's club volleyball team combats many of these issues, they do enjoy one particular advantage: varsity coaches. Former varsity volleyball ...

Senior Starts Club for Multi-Ethnic Students

Senior Starts Club for Multi-Ethnic Students

Jacqueline Rees-Mikula
January 31, 2013
Filed under NEWS

There are a variety of places to celebrate cultural diversity on Whitman campus. The Intercultural Center and certain clubs provide opportunities for students to take pride in their racial identities, yet Whitman lacks a space where students can examine what it means to belong to multiple cultures at...

IM athletes help set health record straight

IM athletes help set health record straight

Molly Emmett
November 10, 2011
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While fall IM Football may have wrapped for the season, concerns remain that the Welty Health Center falls short when it comes to caring   for non-varsity athletes. The ASWC Student Affairs Committee started an initiative earlier this semester in an attempt to make sure IM and club athletes were covered by the Whitman Health Policy in regards to injuries on the playing field. However, the committee s...

Beyond Borders Club Shifts Focus to Include Non-International Students

Dylan Tull
September 15, 2011
Filed under NEWS

The Beyond Borders Club, formerly known as the International Students and Friends Club, has recently undergone a few pointed changes in order to expand the club's boundaries. The name and mission statement changes reflect the club's new drive to encourage non-international students to participate in...

Club frisbee soaring, scoring

Bailey Arango
October 21, 2010
Filed under SPORTS

Autumn is in the air, and the Sweets, Whitman's Ultimate Frisbee team, are off and running--a fact known by almost anyone who crosses Ankeny Field these days. "Every week we have three lifting sessions, three throwing practices, two coed practices and three hour practices on Saturdays before team brunch," said first-year player Ben Harris. Why all the prepar...

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