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Whitman faculty and staff find passion in sports

Eddie DeLeon finds community in boxing. Photos contributed by Kevin Pogue and Eddie Nelson.

Ryder Brookes, Sports Reporter

March 12, 2020

Mustering up the motivation to exercise can be difficult, yet some Whitman staff and faculty have incorporated sports into their daily routines and have experienced major health benefits. Post Office Supervisor, Eddie DeLeon, is an avid boxer and loves that he has the time to go to the boxing gym w...

BREAKING: Bon Appetit revealed to be reason why Whitman College is a D3 school

Maddie Ott, Ratatouille’s Brother-in-Law

November 9, 2018

Starved after a strenuous practice of fitness and running, the Whitman soccer team rushes into the Cleveland Commons searching for a highly caloric and protein filled meal. Aghast at the price of one hamburger (with added bacon) the team members soon realize that they literally can not afford to buy their me...

Immigration Reform: Another Player on Your Favorite Sports Team

Gaby Thomas, Sport's Writer

September 12, 2017

You switch on the television. The news at the moment is dominated by coverage of a natural disaster's destruction. The next station consists of debates regarding the latest piece of immigration reform announced by the federal government. Switching the channel once more leaves you watching one of this...

Spring golf season looks to build on fall success

Riley Foreman

March 5, 2015

If good things come in small packages, then the Whitman women's golf program is not just good, but it's great. The team is comprised of one senior, one junior, one sophomore and two first-years, all of whom will resume play this month after placing in the top two in four consecutive fall tournaments....

Sports are the new religion for many Americans

Zan McPherson

February 5, 2015

Immediately upon the Seahawks' glorious and absurdly lucky win against the Green Bay Packers a few weeks ago, I called my twin brother in Seattle only to hear an ear-assaulting flood of laughing and screaming surrounded by distant firework explosions. "Zan... I'm just, I'm just running around outside....

W Club boosts success for varsity athletes

Cole Anderson

December 4, 2014

As a Division III school, the Whitman athletics department has a unique challenge in budgeting and successfully funding all its sports programs from season to season. Though most costs are covered in the athletic budget allotted by the college, there is still typically a gap. To close that gap and...

Lyman Dining Hall hours extended for athletes, students

Elena Aragon

September 10, 2012

A great change has come to the dining hall schedules this year. To provide a more flexible eating schedule to students, Lyman Dining Hall hours were extended to 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. "[Athletes, whose practices finish after regular dining hours] were concerned that their choices were limited: There...

W Club gives athletes moral, financial support

Sarah Debs

April 19, 2012

The Whitman W Club is an athletic booster club composed of alumni, friends of the college and parents who want to support excellent student-athletes and competitive varsity athletics. Even though the W Club is very new, having just been established over the past five years, it has already helped many...

Love trumps win-loss record

February 16, 2012

This column was written by Tristan Gavin, '14 Every year, over two million 10-year-old Americans sign up for Little League baseball. There are 25 players on the rosters of the 30 MLB teams at the start of every year, totalling 750 "big leaguers." Of those 750, only 450 are American-born, and range ...

Athletes find challenges, benefits in living with teammates

Credit: Binta Loos-Diallo

Andrew Hawkins

April 21, 2011

With housing options being discussed and sorted out for the coming year, Whitman College athletes frequently choose to live with teammates. But is this a wise decision? Off-campus houses, Greek residences and first-year dorms are filled with student athletes. Whether this is a good idea or not ...

Varsity teams make efforts to attract prospective students

Credit: Markel Uriu

Tyler Hurlburt

April 14, 2011

It's April. That means hundreds of high school seniors are contemplating whether or not Whitman is the right place to spend their next four years. Because most decisions are due May 1, a very high number of prospective students visit during April to decide if they want to come to Whitman. A portion of these "pros...

Whitman charges for streaming videos

Tyler Hurlburt

October 14, 2010

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, Whitman introduced a new video service allowing people to stream home volleyball matches live online. As the basketball and baseball seasons start, home games for each time will also be available to watch through the Whitman website. Stretch Internet, the company with which...

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