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Dear Mom, 

My Anderson roommate threw up a Taq burrito on my desk and rock collection. They haven’t cleaned it up. Do I need to clean it up or should they do it since they were the one that threw up on it? Help!

—Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Dear Between a Rock and a Hard Place,

Sounds like your roommate is taking you for granite. Ha.

But really, it’s quite troubling that you are waiting to either clean up or confront your roommate until our next column comes out. Vomit really smells, and Taq sells a large burrito. I suggest you bring it up casually or put up passive-aggressive Post-It notes around your room directing them to the scene of the incident. If your roommate continues to ignore it, you will need to have a more serious conversation. Maybe approach your RA for advice on this. It could also be that your roommate is embarrassed to bring it up, or forgot that they threw up in the first place. I suggest a baking soda based solvent in order to clean your rocks but please also consult a Geo professor. Overall, I always keep in mind that these things happen and not to let this be a big fault in your relationship with your roommate. Good luck and keep collecting rocks.


Illustration by Meg Cuca

Illustration by Meg Cuca

Dear Mom,

I bought some alligator skin shoes this summer, but I am afraid of being criticized if I wear them on campus. I normally go barefoot because I’m nervous about it, and then people tend to think I’m a hipster. Should I give in and not wear them or just not care what they say?

—Caught in Crocs

Dear Caught in Crocs,

Avant-garde can be difficult! I say wear them. All new fashion is out of style at first. Just ask Larry King and his suspenders. But if they make you feel good, go for it. Whitman students will appreciate your courage and will love to see something that’s not Birkenstocks. However if you like the way Ankeny feels between your toes that’s okay too. I have never personally owned animal product because meat is murder, but I always endorse taking a risk with your aesthetic. I think one thing to keep in mind is what you wear them with. New York’s fashion scene reporter, John Boehner, recommends checking PETA’s fashion tumblr to make sure you really are in style. Orange is in, baby!


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