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Roommate’s boyfriend is over again

Roommate’s boyfriend is over again

Maude Lustig, Saucy Minx

September 30, 2019

Gracie Hardway cheerfully boop be-bopped home Wednesday night to share some exciting news with her housemate Hannah: she had finally gotten her period. She threw open the door with an excited, “honey, I’m home!” only to see a male figure seated on the couch.  “Oh... hey Damien,” Gracie greeted. Dami...

Dear Mom: An advice column

Dear Mom, Opinion Writer

October 13, 2016

Dear Mom,  My Anderson roommate threw up a Taq burrito on my desk and rock collection. They haven’t cleaned it up. Do I need to clean it up or should they do it since they were the one that threw up on it? Help! —Between a Rock and a Hard Place   Dear Between a Rock and a Hard Place, ...

Don’t Trust Bee in Anderson 203

Don’t Trust Bee in Anderson 203

Melina Hughes

November 21, 2013

Oh my god guys, let me tell you. I moved here from Indiana with the dream of getting a good liberal arts education, but you will not believe what I have had to put up with! So my roommate is a total B---, by which I mean she is a bee, and also sort of a bitch. I mean, when I first got here she demanded ...

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