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Illustration by Nick Rogers.

Most Marxist footwear: Chacos, Birks or Blunds?

Sam Huston, Barefoot Enthusiast March 4, 2021

It is said that the feet of the haute bourgeoisie are the quickest to walk towards revolution. But what exactly adorns these feet when they tramp around Whitman campus? This question lies in the heart...

Illustration by Meg Cuca

Dear Mom: An advice column

Dear Mom, Opinion Writer October 13, 2016

Dear Mom,  My Anderson roommate threw up a Taq burrito on my desk and rock collection. They haven’t cleaned it up. Do I need to clean it up or should they do it since they were the one that threw...

Photo by Missy Gerlach

Style Spotlight: Maeve Sloan

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer May 5, 2016
Lipstick, platform boots, bangs and a noticeable lack of colored clothing are a big part of Maeve's eclectic, region-inspired style.
Photo by Marra Clay

Taste of Africa Draws Large Crowds

Emma Cooper, Staff Writer April 14, 2016
The Whitman African Student Association (WASA) put together delectable African cuisine as well as a mesmerizing show featuring a traditional Ghanian dance performance, African music, a recitation of African poetry, and a fashion show.
Photo by Missy Gerlach

Style Spotlight: Catherine Fisher

Allison Hall, Staff Writer April 7, 2016
There is a commonly held notion that style is an expression of one’s personality—however, sophomore Catherine Fisher's style is an expression of exactly the opposite.
Photo contributed by Gregg Petcoff

Style Spotlight: Shannon Zander

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer March 10, 2016
Zander has become well known as "the one who always wears heels on 8 AM classes at Mondays."
I’m basic, and you probably are too.

I’m basic, and you probably are too.

Peggy Li, Columnist October 22, 2015

Illustration by Luke Hampton. The seasons are changing! Fall has fallen and girls all over America are sticking their lower extremities into black Lululemon leggings, knee socks, and leather boots....

Monkeys: They’re Just Like Us!

Jessica Parker October 13, 2014

Hello again humans! Today we have a hefty dose of anthropomorphism, and fortunately not much pessimism. Animals, specifically primates, have been observed participating in what was thought to be exclusively...

Walla Walla’s first fashion fiesta

Linnaea Weld September 25, 2014

Tonight fashion will hit the streets of Walla Walla with a runway show and celebration hosted by Walla Walla Clothing Company. The event is in honor of Eileen Fisher, a designer whose self-named clothing...

Three Tips for the Fashionable Feminist

Three Tips for the Fashionable Feminist

Tara McCulloch March 6, 2014

Ladies (and those of you who don't identify with the normative role of "ladies" but are still interested in spring trends), it's that time of year again! We know y'all are ready for the latest spring...

Fall Fashion Quiz

Fall Fashion Quiz

Melina Hughes September 26, 2013

Fall has officially arrived and you know what that means: Fashion Week. The latest styles seen on this year's runways all over Boyer and Isaacs have included Canadian Tuxedos, flannel on flannel and a...

Jesus Chaparro 13.  Photos by Devika Doowa.

Student Entrepreneurs Blend Art and Business to Create New Apparel Line

Mallory Martin February 14, 2013

He's an art and economics double major and the executive secretary for Phi Delta Theta, but somehow he still found time to start his own business. Sophomore Jesus Chaparro reminds us just how creative...

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