Pio Picks: Undergraduate Conference

Josh Goodman

The 12th annual Whitman Undergraduate Conference takes place Tuesday, April 6, and features the work of nearly 200 students. Here is a sample of the offerings:

Environment and the Law, Olin 130, 9 a.m.

Topics include using carbon credits to create carbon neutral colleges, reevaluating tax and transportation structures in cities and suburbs to combat global warming and a discussion of how to encourage development of renewable energy options.

Identity and Self-Determination, Kimball Theatre, 10:45 a.m.

Presentations cover the representation of American Indians as sports mascots and the racist stereotypes that result, the legitimacy of Ebonics and how negative perceptions of it affect those who speak it and how GLBTQ individuals use performance privilege to mask their sexual orientation in religious settings.

Poster Session, Cordiner Hall, 1 p.m.

See over 35 projects in an hour, including the design of enzyme inhibitors to treat cancer and HIV, the onset of attention delays based on socioeconomic status and the effect of toxins in river ecosystems.

The Karuk and the Klamath: Four Views, Reid Ballroom B, 2 p.m.

Students will discuss the reasons for endangerment and the conservation implications of mussels in the Klamath River, the possible high levels of heavy metals in foods traditionally eaten by the Karuk tribe and how Karuk medicinal practices have suffered from oppression of the tribe but may now present an opportunity to reinvigorate the tribal community.

Science Matters: Bacteria to Biodiversity, Science 165 (Gaiser), 3:45 p.m.

Topics include using bacteriophages to protect insects from bacteria, methods of measuring biodiversity in marine environments and phage therapy to combat antibacterial resistance.