Exciting additions to the Pio’s website

Josh Goodman

The Pio is expanding its web presence, and I for one am excited!  I’m the Pio‘s web content editor, a new position created to help make whitmanpioneer.com a destination that expands beyond what appears in print each week. Some of the additions to the Pio‘s website this semester:

– Pio blogs. These include an environmental blog, a sports blog, and the return of Netflix It!, a weekly review of an older but easily accessible movie. And this editors’ blog, of course!

– More study abroad blogs. This semester, you’ll hear stories from Whitties in Argentina, France, India, Japan, Jordan and Spain.

– More up to the minute coverage of events and breaking news at Whitman. Why wait until Thursday when we can have the latest on the web the day something happens?

– Comments via your Facebook account. No need to sign in or provide an e-mail, as long as you (like most Whitties) are already logged into Facebook.

– Hopefully, we’ll also get some timeless web content this semester. Restaurant guides, a guide to bike trails in Walla Walla, et cetera. However, we still need people to write such content, so inquire if you’re interested.

I hope that you enjoy the additional content and new features. If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see on the Pio‘s website, let us know in the comments!