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State of the Union

John Reed

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Hey. I’ve been busy reading hundreds of pages for my classes so I’m going to keep it short (for the sake of getting to bed relatively on time). Today, I’ve been listening to a cool ditty written and sung by Destroyer called “State of the Union”. It comes from his strongest album, City of Daughters, released in 1998. Check it out below:


Be warned: the catchy melody on “State of the Union” is deceivingly inviting. But those that are familiar with Destroyer will be well prepared for some slightly off-the-wall and difficult lyrics. Destroyer loves to contort the English language and his best work comes when he is the most linguistically playful. In this song, each vivid (slightly disturbing!) image he conjures up oozes into the next one, which will be seemingly unrelated to the previous, and yet will make sense in some strange way. And check out the whole album while you’re at it. Have fun with this one and stay on your toes.


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State of the Union