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You Are The WORST

February 29, 2016
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Hi y'all! I'm BACK.  It's been a long hiatus, but it's so nice to be idiotic in a tasteful way again.  There has been a strange disturbance in the IdiotSphere (patent pending), however.  Yours truly (me) has witnessed a slew of events that I am now dubbing the: "You're The Worst" Awards! ...

Eating Cheap in Walla Walla: A Grocery Guide

January 26, 2016
Filed under Vegan Beats

Welcome back to Vegan Beats! After a hiatus, we are back and excited to once again talk food with you. As the new year gets into full swing, money and health-related resolutions can easily get pushed aside for Bon App coffee cakes and Taqueria burritos. This little guide can help you on your journey to...

The Distinct Importance of “Aesthetic” in My Life

Anthony Reale, Blogger
December 7, 2015
Filed under A&E Blogs, BLOGS, Tastefully Idiotic

If you happen to be near me at any point in the day, it is quite possible definite that you'll hear me go "ooooh that's my aesthetic."  Now, this proclamation can be about anything from a pattern on a piece of fabric to a flock of birds pecking someone's eyes out nice lamps in a restaurant.  You're right to...

To Consume or Not To Consume

December 5, 2015
Filed under A&E Blogs, BLOGS, Tastefully Idiotic

Let's imagine together:   I am home for the Thanksgiving break, attempting to keep cool.  My friend suggests that we go downtown for the day.  Heck yes! is my only thought.  Downtown LA, despite its relative closeness to my high school, remains an untouched stomping ground for me.  So, into my frie...

Ray’s Anatomy

Anthony Reale, Blogger
December 4, 2015
Filed under A&E Blogs, BLOGS, Tastefully Idiotic

**I realized that because of the timing of this post, it's completely unclear how the heck someone could be at the beach (seeing as it's a wintry hellhole out there right now).  The explanation?  I'm a SoCal native. (Cue eyes rolling)  This story is coming at you from last week, when I was home in the 87-degree w...

Meet Anthony

Anthony Reale, Blogger
December 2, 2015
Filed under A&E Blogs, BLOGS, Tastefully Idiotic

"WOULD YOU STOP SCREAMING AT THE WINDOW?!  WE GET IT, IT'S SNOWING." I sat down, obviously scandalized by this latest update from the voices in my head.  I mean, c'mon!! It's snow.  The Southern California boy that I am is panicking, crying internally, and attempting to resist the urge to run outside with mou...

The Problem with ‘Glam’ Vegans

October 12, 2015
Filed under BLOGS, Vegan Beats

Last Wednesday, returning from a late Pio production night, I was pleasantly startled upon opening my computer to the homepage of the New York Times. A strikingly idyllic photo of vegan celebrity Rich Roll and his family sat at the center of the site, accompanying a Jeff Gordiner article titled “Vegans G...

A Brief Vegan Instagram Anthology

Sarah Cornett
October 1, 2015
Filed under A&E Blogs, BLOGS, Vegan Beats

During a summer adventure in veganism, I was quickly led to the exciting world of plant-based Instagram accounts. The Instagram scene opened up an addictive space of beautiful food photography, cooking ideas, and restaurants I put on my list to try when I return to California over breaks. Though there are s...

Lav Goes Meta

Vincent Warne
April 19, 2015
Filed under Lights, Camera, I Like Movies!

"Century of Birthing" is sort of like a twisted riff on "8 1/2," were "8 1/2" written by Hong Sang-soo and filtered through the relentless somnambulistic cinematography of Bela Tarr or Tsai Ming-Liang. Of course, that mishmash of name-dropping doesn't even come close to doing justice to the singular...

Hong-Sang Soo’s filmmaker fetish

Vincent Warne
March 29, 2015
Filed under A&E Blogs, BLOGS, Lights, Camera, I Like Movies!

As is any self-respecting art form in the modern and post-modern era, film is often a self-reflexive medium. Whether it be in canonized classics like "Man with a Movie Camera" and "8 ½", arthouse fare like "Pastoral: To Die in the Country" and "Ulysses Gaze", or popular recent Oscar-winners like "The...

Lav Goes Long

Vincent Warne
February 24, 2015
Filed under Lights, Camera, I Like Movies!

It's been a while since I last posted, but that's because I've been watching a lot of movies. Long movies. I've watched bunch of long movies this year overall, from the intimate 3-hour opus "Yi Yi", to the 4-hour mindfuck "Love Exposure", to the dense 4.5 hour "Historie(s) du Cinema". But longest ...

My Favorite Movies of 2014

Vincent Warne
January 21, 2015
Filed under BLOGS, Lights, Camera, I Like Movies!

Ah, yes, another "Best _____ of 2014" list. I'm a little late to the party, and unfortunately, while I haven't yet seen all of the worthwhile releases of last year (the most glaring omissions being "Whiplash", "Norte: The End of History", "Winter Sleep", "Leviathan", "Hard to be a God", "Goodbye to Langua...

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