Music Department Hosts “Fridays at Four” Concert Series

Held in either Chism Recital Hall or Kimball Theater in the Hunter Conservatory, Fridays at Four hosts a variety of musicians including anything from jazz to western classical.


Photo by Natalie Mutter

Emma Cooper

Every Friday at 4:00 p.m., the Whitman campus showcases the musical diversity in not only the student body, but also musical talent from around the world.

The Fridays at Four events are put on by the Whitman Music Department and can be performed by anyone from student, faculty or guest artist. Held in either Chism Recital Hall or Kimball Theater in the Hunter Conservatory, Fridays at Four hosts a variety of musicians including anything from jazz to western classical.

Friday, March 4, the visiting ensemble Al-Andalus performed at the Fridays at Four event. Senior Joel Ponce, vocal artist and pianist, regularly attends the events and has been enjoying the musical experience it contributes to Whitman campus.

Photo by Natalie Mutter
Photo by Natalie Mutter

“Every performance is often very different from the next. I really enjoy going to the Student Recital Workshops or when professors perform their own music at these concerts. It’s incredible getting to see the talent present at Whitman and hope that the audience feels encouraged to try out music themselves. Whenever we have outside performers, I really appreciate getting to learn about music from outside the Whitman sphere. Just yesterday, for example, a group based out of Portland that are well-known internationally for playing music that fuses traditions from Arab, North African and European sources. There’s so much music to explore even within our small campus,” said Ponce.

The Fridays at Four event not only showcases great musical talent, but also allow the Whitman students to display another side through their performances. Sophomore Hunter Dunn, vocalist and pianist, most enjoys getting to see the passion that Whitman professors have for their music.

“Getting to watch the staff and faculty, whom I work with as teachers every day, as performers in their own right … Often Fridays at Four reflect a project or passion some member of the Whitman music staff has been pursuing, and seeing that realized on stage is always a treat,” says Dunn.

Despite being a platform to showcase impeccable talent, the Fridays at Four music can also be a great way to relax. After a long week of school, recent graduate Cheney Doane, pianist, says that attending the Fridays at Four events are the best way to wind down.

“It’s really a perfect start to the weekend. All the compounded stress and busyness from the week can be laid aside, replaced by the product of dedicated, thoughtful musicians,” says Doane.

While the musical performances are stellar, they are also completely open to the Whitman and Walla Walla community. The most enjoyable aspect of Fridays at Four for Ponce is the accessibility the community has to these musical experiences.

“I really enjoy how accessible the performances are. All of the concerts are free and open to the public. I enjoy seeing people from the Walla Walla community make their way into Kimball or Chism and see that our music-making extends beyond the reach Whitman.”

Photo by Natalie Mutter
Photo by Natalie Mutter