KWCW Show of the Week

Daniel Kim

In his fourth semester as host of “The Zest,” sophomore John Reed ventures onward with his lifelong interest in R&B with his zesty radio show. The inspiration for this show came to him before his first year at Whitman when he got into DJ Road Chief, a side project of Mark McGuire who is a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from Ohio. The idea of following pursuits similar to DJ Road Chief, having done several excellent R&B mixes for various magazines and radio stations, got Reed interested in pursuing an R&B radio show.

With the show’s title in mind, Reed likes to play a lot of zesty music, which itself means unstable and is constantly being rewritten, revised and revisited with its roots in R&B. Each show features music of traditional R&B, jazz, blues and R&B-heavy hip-hop, but recently has been changing it from week to week. At the current moment, Reed is playing grime type music, but making sure that the R&B influence always works its way into the show.


Show: ‘The Zest’

Time: Saturdays, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Host: John Reed AKA DJ Yung Tuggboat