Finding music on the Internet: some sites for exploration

Emma Dahl

The internet sometimes seems like an endless source of information, especially with regards to music. There is a seemingly infinite number of websites dedicated to the exploration of music, but some sites achieve a higher quality than others. In order to narrow down the search, here are a few fantastic music blogs and websites dedicated to the unearthing of new music, places where quality tunes can be discovered with ease.

1. Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good ( This music blog, in addition to having an incredibly entertaining “Zoolander” theme, also keeps up with the latest releases in the indie rock circle. The moderators of the blog post information on new artists, very good mixes, reviews of albums, and sample MP3s, as well as a section displaying recently released album covers entitled “My iPod is So Hot Right Now.” If you like to stay on top of the indie scene while soaking in some Blue Steel at the same time, this blog is for you.

2. ( is a website that appeals to those occasional neurotic impulses. Downloading their “scrobbler” allows users to keep track of play counts from both Spotify and iTunes. As mundane as that might sound, it’s very interesting and kind of addicting to follow the trends of various songs and artists and how they fluctuate throughout the year.’s radio service, Pandora-esque in the way that it plays groups of similar songs but different in the fact that it plays off of your most frequented artists, doesn’t disappoint either.

3. Future Perfect Radio ( As far as internet radio goes, FPR is a fantastic site. It’s essentially an indie version of Pandora, with a large array of genres to sample from, such as “Au Naturale,” “Femme Fatale,” and several best-of stations. FPR is a great cure for those musical slumps; it always produces fresh, quality tunes and is anything but repetitive, unlike similar internet radio stations.

Happy listening!