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Op-Ed: The Greek System, Debunked

Dani Hupper September 22, 2016

Sometimes when I vocally question the role of the Greek system at Whitman, I feel like a radical. But then I remember that there are tons of colleges like us–small, progressive, thoughtful–that have...

Fresh music: best new albums for spring

Emma Dahl March 5, 2015

Indie music fans, rejoice! This spring has been huge for quality indie releases, from small artists releasing their debut album to household names recovering from hiatuses and re-emerging on the scene....

Walla Walla Sees Increase in Indie Movies

Nathan Fisher December 5, 2013

How hard is it to bring independent movies into theaters? When I first came to Whitman College, I was disappointed at the lack of indie movies at the local theater. In fact, I don't remember seeing non-blockbuster...

Illustration by Katie Emory

STRFKR’s New Album ‘Miracle Mile’ Channels Energy, Color and Good Vibes

Emma Dahl February 27, 2013

Miracle Mile, Portland, Ore. band STRFKR's third full-length album, is a colorful continuation and development of the band's percolating electronic style. The last two albums that the band released...

Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Silver & Gold’ Overflows with Christmas Cheer

Emma Dahl December 6, 2012

Sufjan Stevens is no stranger to the Christmas music scene. Songs for Christmas, released in 2006, contained 5 EPs with a total of 42 traditional, original and instrumental tracks recorded between 2001...

WEB brings The Head and the Heart to campus

Emma Dahl September 13, 2012

By now, it is well known around campus that Seattle-based indie band The Head and the Heart will give a show here at Whitman on Sept. 13. With a feel-good sound reminiscent of The Lumineers or Blind Pilot,...

Finding music on the Internet: some sites for exploration

Emma Dahl September 6, 2012

The internet sometimes seems like an endless source of information, especially with regards to music. There is a seemingly infinite number of websites dedicated to the exploration of music, but some sites...

Radio waves carry signal of hope for incarcerated listeners

Radio waves carry signal of hope for incarcerated listeners

caitlinhardee May 9, 2012

Ensconced behind the soundboard in the cozy KWCW studio, it's easy for a college DJ to imagine that nobody is actually listening. Few Whitties own radio sets, and while friends and family might be...

Industry insiders speak on music business in crisis

caitlinhardee December 1, 2011

"I didn't invent the rainy day, man. I just own the best umbrella." Spoken by big-time A&R rep character Dennis Hope in "Almost Famous," these words have resounded throughout the years. Major record...

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