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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by M Hu.

Eve’s apple, Pandora’s box and the internet

Kaitlin Cho, Opinion Columnist March 9, 2023

One night in Seattle, my friend gets hit on in a line at Dick’s Drive-In. My friend and her suitor exchange Instagrams. The moment we load back into her car, we go on our phones. After finding his full...

Online autonomy matters now more than ever

Claire Maurer, Columnist April 15, 2020

Right now, we are witnessing life moving online – something that has been happening for several years. You can participate in weddings, religious ceremonies, work meetings, happy hours, concerts, yoga...

We need content now more than ever

Maude Lustig, Avid Reader April 2, 2020

To reiterate the last 10 emails we’ve received from the college, we are living in uncertain times. The coronavirus pandemic is the latest craze sweeping the nation, driving all of us into our houses...

The Decline and Fall of the Independent Podcast

Tino Mori, Columnist December 3, 2015

Last fall, the podcast "Serial" hooked millions of listeners on a tale of true crime. Hosted by Sarah Koenig and, more specifically, "This American Life," "Serial" is a high production value podcast. Even...

Online interactive healthcare removes emotional intelligence

Zan McPherson April 16, 2015

You're sick and you don't know what ails you. What do you do? Do you go to the doctor or search your symptoms on Google? Just as a wild guess, I'd estimate that you would rather spend thirty minutes or...

NSA Activity Cannot be Ignored

Bill Landefeld December 5, 2013
Just when you thought you could escape the madness of class just before finals, Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald leak another classified National Security Agency (NSA) document that shakes the world.
Anonymity Trumps Need for Censorship

Anonymity Trumps Need for Censorship

Bill Landefeld November 14, 2013
Have you ever had a question that you didn't feel comfortable asking anybody? Well, I know that myself and many other Whitman students have. Luckily at Whitman, there is such a place that you can do this, and it is on a website called Whitman Encounters. However, this outlet to freely speak your mind might not be around for much longer.
Illustration by Katie Emory

Graduating Administrator Plans Future of ‘Encounters’

Hannah Bartman April 18, 2013
The administrator of 'Encounters' reflects on the site's progress, and looks to how it will be maintained after graduation.

Security risks make web voting impossible

Blair Hanley Frank October 25, 2012
While paper ballots may seem like a clunky option in this modern age, in many ways, they provide levels of security that electronic voting just can't match.

Raw Geographies students make political art

Clara Bartlett October 25, 2012
This apparatus, the Whitman Sky Project, was one of many recent projects created by students in a 300-level interdisciplinary course called Raw Geographies, co-taught by Assistant Professor of Art Michelle Acuff and Associate Professor of Politics Aaron Bobrow-Strain.

Digital presence impacts ‘real’ world

Paul H-P September 20, 2012
Most of us would agree that we care about how we are perceived, and this extends to our internet personas. Yet despite this concern, we do not take our internet selves seriously enough.

Finding music on the Internet: some sites for exploration

Emma Dahl September 6, 2012
An introduction to music blogs.
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