‘American Reunion’––Levy not dry, good old boys regrettably so

Nathan Fisher

The pickings were slim, and I mean slim, at the movie theater this weekend. “American Reunion” got the nod because of my raunchy memories of the “American Pie” franchise. When “American Pie” first hit the big screen, it shocked many with teenage masturbation jokes and a plot centered around a group of high school buddies and their goal to lose their virginity. Well, the guys return back to their Michigan roots for their thirteen-year class reunion, and we get “American Reunion”––same characters, same jokes, same actors, same movie, and, thankfully, same Eugene Levy.

“American Reunion” continues the chronicle of five guys who have long lost their virginities, but now we witness their “grown up” problems and sexual issues. Jim (Jason Biggs) is attempting to keep his sex life alive with his wife while trying to fight off an 18-year-old girl he used to babysit. Oz (Chris Kline) is a famous sportscaster who competed on a celebrity dance off. Kevin (Thomas Nicholas) misses his wife, even though she makes him watch “girly” T.V. Finch (Eddie Thomas) is busy traveling the world and being “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” And Stifler . . . well, he remains Stifler. Rude, obnoxious and still the all-time partier. Fear not, Stifler’s mom is still alive and well as a hot cougar!

The boys are back in town and up to their old shenanigans, but they just are not as funny the second-plus time around. The guys are now has-beens in their late 30’s, the sex jokes are more––adultish––which takes away from the ridiculousness of the old teenage comedy. Thankfully, the movie does give some laughs from Jim’s dad (Eugene Levy). Levy has been a staple in all of the “American Pie” flicks and continues to be the funniest person in the movie. Although the movie itself was disappointing, Levy’s performance made me belt out a couple belly laughs. Stay through the credits to see Levy and Stifler’s mom on a date!

All-in-all, “American Reunion” relies too heavily on nostalgia and jokes from the original “American Pie” movie. That being said, I did laugh at the rehashed jokes, and if you feel like losing a few brain cells over the weekend, don’t hesitate to see it.