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Three Walla Walla Alternatives to Starbucks

Matt Akins '14 and Ian Wyantt '14 study on a comfy couch at Coffee Perk. Photo Credit: Marin Axtell

Coffee Connection Cafe

This cafe tends to lean more toward the diner side of the definition rather than the coffee shop connotation of cafe; this is suggested by its somewhat misleading name. A division of three rooms, Coffee Connection has booths, regular tables and smaller desks with Ethernet cables for people looking to get some work done while they dine. There is also the option to sit outside at one of the four smaller tables provided. Coffee Connection has a full breakfast and lunch menu, including favorites such as pancakes, omelets and typical breakfast combos (eggs, hash browns, toast). This is a good place to come on a weekend morning if you are looking to spice up your brunch selections. Coffee Connection is suitable for dining with friends or dining alone as the awkwardness of solo eating is easily avoided by bringing a laptop and making use of the  free Wi-Fi.   However, one should be warned: do not come here just for the coffee.   A typical cup is nothing special, and though there are free refills, it is too watered down to make much of a difference. Come here for a cheap yet filling home style breakfast or lunch. I recommend ordering the pancakes; they are thick but delicate. Plus they come with two types of syrup, regular and blueberry. Be prepared to eat when you come here, as it’s not  a “I’ll have the coffee to-go” kind of place.

A Stone’s Throw Cafe

Hidden in the divide between the old theater and Macy’s, A Stone’s Throw Cafe is an interesting mix between diner and coffee shop. In tune with the quirky soundtrack that features Spanish cafe music and 50s diner music playing over it’s speaker system, A Stone’s Throw is not entirely sure which definition of cafe it is trying to occupy. Boasting the best cappuccino in town (accurately so), this cafe also offers unique drink selections such as an extensive list of mochas. Interesting mocha options include the Mint Leaf Mocha, a mix of mint, caramel and white chocolate, and the Rich & Rassy, a mix of raspberry and chocolate. These drink options are relatively cheap, with a cappuccino costing $2.25. There is also a menu of inexpensive lunch options including bagels, wraps, soups and salad–prices ranging from about $3.25 to $6.00.   In general, this is a good place to take a quick break from campus, and maybe grab a quick lunch with a friend.   The service is friendly, fast and the environment, though simple, is relaxing.

Coffee Perk

Coffee Perk is the perfect mix of the other two cafes. This is the typical cafe/coffee shop with a slightly darkened atmosphere and a conglomeration of various-sized tables scattered throughout the low-ceilinged roomed. There is a counter-top option looking out onto the street as well as an area with two large cushioned couches next to a fireplace. It is cozy and the most conducive to a study session. Order one of their fantastic iced Americanos, find a table, take out your books and work away. It’s not too crowded, but there are enough people to make it seem lively and friendly. With a 16-oz coffee at $1.75 the prices are reasonable. There is also a selection of chai, Italian sodas, lattes and fountain drinks. If you are hungry there are various pastry items and oversized cookies to purchase, in addition to a small menu of bagels, soups and salads. As an extra perk, find satisfaction in “stealing” Starbucks’ free Wi-Fi without having to purchase one of their products.

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