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Perking Up a Local Favorite

Construction has decreased the regular presence of Whitman students at Coffee Perk, but owners hope that the remodel will entice students to return.

Emma Fletcher-Frazer, Staff Reporter

October 20, 2018

If you enter the Walla Walla cafe Coffee Perk this month, you will notice signs of construction. Immediately inside the shop, a plastic covering blocks half of the cafe, and the seating has drastically diminished. This local Whitman haunt is in the process of remodeling the entire shop. Owner of the...

Three Walla Walla Alternatives to Starbucks

Matt Akins '13 and Ian Wyantt '13 study on a comfy couch at Coffee Perk.

McCaulay Singer-Milnes

October 7, 2010

Coffee Connection Cafe This cafe tends to lean more toward the diner side of the definition rather than the coffee shop connotation of cafe; this is suggested by its somewhat misleading name. A division of three rooms, Coffee Connection has booths, regular tables and smaller desks with Ethernet cables for people looking to get some work done while they din...

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