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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Helios Santoro

Finding Home in the IHC

Micah Powch and Alexa Grechishkin March 7, 2024

  Whitman’s Interest Houses are themed houses on Boyer street built to create close-knit communities of four to 10 students. They have the freedom of an off campus house with the structure...

Día de los Muertos Festivities Commence in Walla Walla

Holly VanVoorhis, Campus Life Reporter November 2, 2023

Leaves fall to the ground in vibrant flurries of red, yellow and orange as October comes to a close. Fall festivities, however, are just getting started as various groups on and off campus prepare for...

What’s in a Name? The Nomenclature of Off-Campus Houses

Holly VanVoorhis, Campus Life Reporter October 5, 2023

Whitman’s off-campus houses don titles like “The Garden” or “The Airport” because of the student initiative to label where they call home. Anyone driving down Isaacs may be familiar with a constant...

Catching up with the IHC

Audrey Marthin, Podcast Reporter February 16, 2023

On this week’s episode of the “Whitman Wire Podcast,” reporter Audrey Marthin sought to demystify life in the interest house community. She spoke to Nana Kumagai and Sophia Bianco, resident assistants...

Photo by David Lu.

IHC welcomes new Wellness House

Jaime Fields, Zac Bentz, and Elise Sanders October 7, 2021

This year, Whitman’s Interest House Community, which has been around since the 1970s, welcomed the new Wellness House, located in what used to be the Global Awareness Interest House. Katy Sassara,...

Whitman Wonderland: Students learn, grow over winter break

Whitman Wonderland: Students learn, grow over winter break

Alissa Antilla, Feature Writer January 26, 2017

Over winter break Whitman activity is at a standstill, the campus eerily empty and waiting to reconvene with the Whitties that inhabit it. Starting in early January, students start trickling back in and...

Illustration by Haley King

Resident Assistant Training

Andy Monserud, Investigative Director December 7, 2016

A lot is expected of Resident Assistants (RAs) at Whitman. They are confidants, leaders, and enforcers to their residents. To cope with these various pressures, the Residence Life office holds a ten-day...

Spotlight on Students: Writing House brings on Haiku Death Match

Spotlight on Students: Writing House brings on Haiku Death Match

Eric Anderson, A&E Editor October 5, 2016

The heat was on this past Sept. 29, when the denizens of the Writing Interest House invited Whitman students to attend their Haiku Death Match. Visitors and residents alike were challenged to craft a...

Illustration: Emily Johnson

Whitman Announces New Interest Houses

Sam Chapman April 1, 2012

With the Whitman administration having completed the latest in a series of shady land deals, the college is proud to announce the expansion of the Interest House Community to better accommodate the...

Comprehensive guide to campus housing options

Mallory Martin March 13, 2012
With on-campus housing deadlines looming after spring break, A&E reporter Mallory Martin has prepared a comprehensive guide to help you through the jungle of housing options.

IHC athletes face unique challenges

Matt Manley February 24, 2011
For varsity team members looking to pursue extra-athletic interests and find a supportive community, the IHC can offer a great option. But athletes should carefully consider their commitments before deciding to apply.
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