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Inaugural Sex Week promotes pleasure

Green Dot and the Sexual Health Advocacy Group hope to create more sex-positive programming promoting both consent and sexual pleasure. Photos by James Baker.

Kate Grumbles, Staff Reporter

February 24, 2020

Through the combined efforts of Green Dot and the Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG), Whitman hosted its first Sex Week, starting on Feb. 24. As early as first-year orientation, Whitman students receive education from Green Dot about consent and healthy relationships. Until now, pleasure has not pl...

Blues Baseball and Green Dot Team up to Raise Awareness

Ridley Eastland-Fruit, Sports Editor

March 31, 2017

It was a win all-around Thursday afternoon as the Green Dot Advocates teamed up with Whitman baseball to use the afternoon's ballgame as a platform for increasing community awareness and knowledge of Whitman's Green Dot program. Headed by Barbara Maxwell, Green Dot is an effort to create a ...

All Students for Consent Gains National Attention

All Students for Consent Gains National Attention

Sarah Cornett

October 17, 2013

Whitman's new All Students for Consent (ASC) club was featured in national news outlets after winning the Consent Revolution Awards, put on by an awareness and anti-rape media outlet called Force, last week. The win was a result of ASC's recent "Ask For It" campaign, meant to turn an often abused phrase on its head by ...

Green Dot goes high-tech

Kayvon Behroozian '14 spearheaded bringing a smartphone security app to Whitman campus.  Photo by Halley McCormick.

Maegan Nelson

September 6, 2012

Earlier this month, hundreds of first-years filed through Reid Campus Center to get their student IDs, record their voices and receive their mailbox assignments. Among the many tables that they passed by was one dedicated to the newly introduced "Campus Safety App" available for free. ASWC President junior Kayvon Behroozian spent the past summer researching and designing this app. "It came ab...

Victims find sexual misconduct process ineffective

Victims find sexual misconduct process ineffective

Rachel Alexander

March 1, 2012

The Whitman administration works to stop sexual assault on campus, but sometimes even the best preventative efforts fail. Students don't always respect each other's boundaries. While many victims choose not to report the crimes committed against them, a handful fill out a pink form and bring a case forward....

Green Dot program aims to expand into Walla Walla

Photo Credit: Ethan Parrish

Rachel Alexander

March 30, 2011

You're at a party, and you see someone slip a drug into your friend's drink. That's a red dot. You confront the person who tried to drug your friend, and then you make sure your friend gets home safely. That's a green dot. Since the Green Dot program has existed at Whitman College, Sexual Misconduct...

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