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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Payton Davies

Sustainability win: all future editions of The Wire to be printed on Cleve napkins

George Groebner, fully biodegradable March 7, 2024

My fellow Whitties, In the days following spring break, change will be in the air. Clocks across the country will have sprung forward, sparking a projected 17 percent increase in yawning. Some students...

Williams joined the campus community as Sustainability Manager in Dec. 2022. Photo by Cooper Andersen

Building Sustainable Futures: Q&A with Sarah Williams, Whitman’s Sustainability Manager

Kasey Moulton and Rachel Husband February 15, 2024

Native plant restoration, coffee compost, bike policies and residence life talking sessions on sustainability all have one thing in common: Sarah Williams. Sarah Williams joined Whitman College as its...

Photo by Sailor Harris

Uncovering the Underground System Maintaining Whitman’s Greenery

Nat Lange, Science & Environment Writer October 5, 2023

If you walk around campus enough, you will eventually run into a sprinkler, perhaps even get sprayed by one. The small circular heads pop out of the ground with no warning, spraying water indiscriminately...

Illustration by Keeli McKern.

Is Whitman promoting sustainability?

Sebastian Squire, News Reporter November 17, 2022

Boasting many programs related to environmental studies, Whitman College professes sustainability as a core value of the College and has undertaken multiple projects in the area of sustainable infrastructure...

Illustration by Shasta Soles.

Newly reopened Cleveland Commons strives to increase sustainability

Ross Koller, Reporter September 30, 2021

Returning students and first-years alike may have noticed that the array of cutlery and plates at Cleveland Commons has been inconsistent this semester. At times students come in to find paper plates...

Elissa Brown is Whitman’s third sustainability coordinator following Tristan Sewell and Brandon Bishop.

Elissa Brown: taking on campus sustainability

Kate Grumbles, News Editor October 7, 2019

After former Campus Sustainability Coordinator Brandon Bishop’s departure last year, Whitman welcomed its third-ever campus sustainability coordinator in April of 2019 with the arrival of Elissa Brown....

Reconsidering Sustainability

Dana Walden, Opinion Columnist November 2, 2018

A few weeks ago, the Wire published a letter written by a former Whitman student, Vivian Voth, in which Voth details why she left Whitman. In her view, the college is not as sustainable as it could be,...

Photo by Marra Clay.

Whitman Students Build Wind Turbine

Georgia Lyon November 19, 2015

By the spring of 2016, some of Whitman’s physics students will have finished building a vertical axis wind turbine. The wind turbine, which will be located between Penrose Library and Harper Joy Theater,...

Whitman Renovates Hall of Science to Comply with Standards

Whitman Renovates Hall of Science to Comply with Standards

Helen Angell March 6, 2014
The Hall of Science and Memorial Hall's heating and cooling system, as well as Whitman’s irrigation infrastructure, are undergoing renovations this semester in order to comply with national environmental standards.

Meet Tristan Sewell, Whitman’s New Sustainability Coordinator

Dylan Tull August 6, 2013
News Editor Dylan Tull sits down with new sustainability coordinator Tristan Sewell discussing the recycling center, climate action plans, and changes to school policy.
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