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Illustration by Kimberly Auran.

Class of 2026: By the numbers

Grace Canny, friend of someone who works for Admissions April 21, 2022

Whitman College wants to extend the warmest welcome to the class of 2026. These students have earned admission to our prestigious institution through their exceptional academic achievements and incredible...

The Seventh Wave – Sailing Away

John Reed April 20, 2014

Hey. Here's "The Seventh Wave" from synth/sound effect-making pro Suzanne Ciani's debut album Seven Waves. It's pretty nice. Listen below and read the Ciani biography in the "About" section (and ignore...

College prepares for influx of visitors

Serena Runyan April 11, 2013

As May approaches and high school seniors everywhere begin to concretely ponder the next four years of their lives, it's become nearly impossible to avoid the epidemic-like surge of manila folders dotting...

Meet the Class of 2015

Alyssa Goard April 15, 2011

With over 1,600 students admitted to the Class of 2015, Whitman's campus is buzzing with prospective students. Every year, Whitman's Office of Admission puts together a day for admitted students which...

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