Athlete of the Week: Cycling’s Nick Littman

Andy Jobanek

Each week the sports staff will pick one Whitman athlete that performed exceptionally in the previous weekend’s games. The distinction will be judged both on the individual’s performance and their impact on the team.

Credit: Trexler
Credit: Trexler

Senior Nick Littman won the road race and took fourth in the Time trial to become the 2009 Category 3 Tour of Walla Walla champion. The tour was split into four legs; a time trial, two road races and Saturday night’s criterium under the Walla Walla lights.

Coming off a year away from the team while abroad, Littman has been invaluable in Whitman’s solid performances so far this season.

Littman and the other Whitman riders have surged to a huge lead in conference points and the team’s strong finish in the Tour of Walla Walla only strengthened that stance.