Whitman Athlete of the Week: Pete Stadmeyer

Andy Jobanek

Credit: Kim.
Credit: Kim.

Each week the sports staff will pick one Whitman athlete that performed exceptionally in the previous weekend’s games. The distinction will be judged both on the individual’s performance and their impact on the team.

Over spring break senior pitcher Pete Stadmeyer pitched arguably the best game a Whitman pitcher has pitched over the last few years. Stadmeyer led the Missionaries to their first conference win on Monday, March 23 with a two hit shutout of fourth place Pacific University.

Stadmeyer pitched 91 pitches overall, 68 of which were for strikes, fanning 10 batters while surrendering only one walk in the 10-0 victory.

Stadmeyer has anchored the Whitman pitching staff for the last few years and has the team out of the conference cellar for the first time this season.