ASWC Update: It’s McCorvie!

Mitchell Smith, Editor in Chief

new era has dawned on the ASWC Executive Council. Tuesday, April 11, EC election results were certified and announced by the ASWC Oversight Committee. AnnaMarie McCorvie will be next year’s President, Emily Bowen will serve as Vice President, Chris Meabe will handle the budget as Finance Chair and Christina Dias will be next year’s Nominations Chair.

The election results come on the heels of a relatively straightforward election process. McCorvie ran unopposed and won an overwhelming majority of the vote. McCorvie lost last year’s Presidential race by a slight margin to outgoing President Arthur Shemitz, which made this year’s win that much sweeter.

Tywen Kelly
AnnaMarie McCorvie ran unopposed for president.

Bowen, a junior, is currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, DK. She finished with close to 100 more first place votes than first year Omar Aldahleh. This year’s elections featured the first ever ASWC/Wire Election Forum. While Bowen was not able to attend, her platform promised to improve relationships between ASWC and the student body as well as between students and the Board of Trustees.

“I really wished I could have been on campus to display my motivations for running for VP but I’m glad to have had the support that I did,” Bowen said.

Meabe is also studying abroad, preventing him from speaking at the Forum. He did send answers to the pre-released questions that were read to the crowd of spectators through a member of the ASWC Oversight Committee. Meabe focused on the student fee and promised, “I’d do everything in my power to keep [the fee] as low as possible while allowing ASWC to continue to be a positive force on campus.”

The closest vote came was between Dias, a sophomore, and first-year Merone Hadush. Dias finished with 65 more first place votes.

The ASWC election season now turns towards the Senate campaigns, where voters will select four representatives from each class to represent them at bi-weekly senate meetings. Senate campaigns began yesterday, April 12, and will continue through April 18.

Tywen Kelly
Christina Dias, right, and Merone Hadush, left.