Percival and Behroozian Obtain New Leadership Roles

Sarah Cornett

Sophomore Jack Percival and senior Kayvon Behroozian gained new titles of leadership at the first ASWC Senate meeting of the year Sunday night.

Percival won the role of ASWC vice president for this year. He had previously been operating as an interim vice president after senior Brian Choe resigned from the post at the beginning of the year.

“I’m looking forward to bringing the initiatives forward that the senators have brought up so far,” he said. “Especially, there’s been talk about bringing additional resources to issues of diversity on campus.”

Behroozian, who served as the ASWC president last year, was voted in as ombudsman. The ombudsman typically serves as an advisor to senators who have questions about ASWC policies and their role in Senate. Additionally, the ombudsman acts as a liaison between the Executive Council and the Senate, bringing up issues the Senate is perhaps reluctant to raise in Executive Council meetings.

“I’m glad to have been confirmed,” Behroozian said in an email. “I’m quite excited to serve as an advisor to new and returning members by sharing my insights based on my three plus years of service to ASWC.”

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