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Students Prepare for Direct Democracy

Students Prepare for Direct Democracy

Lachlan Johnson

May 8, 2014

For the first time in memorable history, the entire student body will vote directly on two petitions in a legislative election. The first petition in the election, taking place Thursday, May 8, will determine student support for a resolution calling for a student on the Board of Trustees as a vo...

SEC to Fund More International Internships

Sam Grainger-Shuba

February 20, 2014

When the Associated Students of Whitman College lifted the ban on college-supported international travel in 2013, they affected internships funded by the Student Engagement Center for this coming summer. Students will be able to apply for jobs abroad and receive college funding to spend their summers...

Percival and Behroozian Obtain New Leadership Roles

Sarah Cornett

October 7, 2013

Sophomore Jack Percival and senior Kayvon Behroozian gained new titles of leadership at the first ASWC Senate meeting of the year Sunday night. Percival won the role of ASWC vice president for this year. He had previously been operating as an interim vice president after senior Brian Choe resigned...

A Movie Reviewer’s ‘Hair’y Adventure

Illustration by Luke Hampton

Nathan Fisher

April 11, 2013

For almost two years I've had the awesome job of writing movie reviews for The Pio––Friday night: the theater with a tub of popcorn; Saturday morning: Zip off a short review. Easy! Never thinking that I would have to work and write a real article, I was shocked to see an email from my editor asking me to look into a ...

Administration, ASWC Instrumental in Lifting International Travel Funding Ban

Illustration by Luke Hampton

Sarah Cornett

April 4, 2013

After strong advocacy from ASWC, students next year will be able to travel internationally unaccompanied with college funding. At a Senate meeting on Sunday, March 31, ASWC President Kayvon Behroozian made the announcement of the policy change, attributing the results primarily to the efforts of ASWC. "It's been on ASWC's radar...

Several ASWC Candidates to Run Unopposed in Upcoming Elections

Karah Kemmerly

March 27, 2013

ASWC elections are coming up, and the list for candidates looks a little short in some places. When students vote for next year's executive council on Monday, April 8, both the candidate for vice president and the candidate for finance chair are running unopposed. Sophomore Tatiana Kaehler, the...

ASWC Seeks Formal Student Representation Among Trustees

ASWC Seeks Formal Student Representation Among Trustees

Lachlan Johnson

January 31, 2013

In February, Whitman's Board of Trustees will formally discuss student representation on the Board of Trustees, a long-time goal of leaders of the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC). ASWC administrations have pushed the issue of representation on the Board since the 1970s, without success...

ASWC Plans Student Fee Ahead of Schedule

Daniel Kim

January 22, 2013

Students will have less time than usual this semester to give their input on the new student fee, as ASWC Senate is moving to vote on the fee ahead of schedule. The Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) is already well on its way to determining a new ASWC fee, a small sum that students pay...

Students Have Little Insight Into Governing Boards

Students Have Little Insight Into Governing Boards

Rachel Alexander

November 15, 2012

The 15 members of Whitman's Board of Trustees have the power to set tuition, hire and fire the president and guide long-term policy for the college. In spite of the influence they wield on campus, most students have relatively little knowledge about what actually occurs at Trustee and committee meetings, something this year's ASWC administration is hoping to change. ...

ASWC Senate convenes for year’s first official meeting in Memorial


Lachlan Johnson

October 4, 2012

The Memorial Building hosted the first senate meeting of the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) on Sunday, Sept. 30. Senate meetings this year will be held in Memorial, the physical and symbolic center of campus, rather than their traditional location in the basement of Reid Campus Center. Despite...

ASWC undergoes “major overhaul”

ASWC undergoes

Maegan Nelson

September 27, 2012

With results of the 2012 Senate elections in, major changes are in store for ASWC. In addition to the freshly elected first-year senators, this year's ASWC has an unusually high proportion of new members in the Senate and on its Executive Council. "We are having a major overhaul in the senate," said ASWC president Kayvon Behroozian. Over 80 percent of the membe...

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