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Op-Ed: An Open Letter to the Board of Trustees, Provost Alzada Tipton, and President Kathy Murray

Ellen Ivens-Duran, Sarah Cornett, Caitlin Foster, Anna Sheridan, Cali Goldberg, Noah Oltman, Jack Percival, Alumni

May 9, 2017

We write to express our deep disappointment regarding the recent decision to discontinue tenure-track positions in the humanities and social sciences. We are 2016 graduates and alums of Whitman’s History Department. The choice to not renew a position in Twentieth Century U.S. History is unsettling, especially...

Murray first sitting president to attend ASWC meeting in over a decade

Ellen Ivens-Duran

December 10, 2015

President Murray becomes the first sitting president in over a decade to speak at an ASWC meeting.

Students Speak Out on Global Studies

Lane Barton

November 5, 2015

An ASWC resolution and an open letter signed by over 300 students indicates a strong level of support for the Global Studies Initiative.

New Schedule Introduces Morning Labs, Classes During Lunch

Ellen Ivens-Duran

October 7, 2015

A significant majority of the faculty voted on Wednesday, Sept. 30th to implement a new course schedule beginning next fall. Major features of the modified schedule include having lab-length class slots in the mornings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, class slots on Tuesdays and Thursday from 11:30 to 12:50, and more classes on Fridays.

New and Returning ASWC Leaders Discuss Goals

Georgia Lyon

September 27, 2015

The Associated Students of Whitman College is preparing to pursue new measures with the help of the existing leadership and the first year senators elected on September 22.

#AskKathy video series offers opportunity to meet incoming president

Dr. Murray was on campus filming parts of the video series. Photo contributed by Michelle Ma from Whitman Communications.

Allie Donahue

April 23, 2015

This week the Whitman Office of Communications began releasing the first videos in a series titled #AskKathy. In the series, Whitman's incoming president, Dr. Kathleen Murray, answers questions submitted by students, faculty, staff, alumni and Walla Walla community members via Facebook, Instagram...

ASWC seeks to increase student input on tenure

ASWC seeks to increase student input on tenure

Natalie Berg

November 20, 2014

ASWC representatives are preparing a resolution based on research of the process for granting tenure at Whitman's 12 comparison colleges, in response to students' desire to become more involved in the college's process of hiring and granting tenure to professors. Several controversial decisions in...

Elections fill 5 ASWC positions, leave 1 empty

Sam Jacobson

September 25, 2014

The polls closed on Monday, marking an end to the weeklong first-year Senate and Sustainability Director ASWC campaigns. The new faces joining ASWC this year include first-years Emily Bowen, Emma Bishop, Deepraj Pawar and AnnaMarie McCorvie, along with the sophomore split-ticket Sustainability Directors...

Percival Dazzles Campus with Style, Physique

Percival Dazzles Campus with Style, Physique

Skye Vander Laan

April 3, 2014

Jack Percival is without a doubt the hottest piece of action on Whitman campus. Everybody is already queuing up to meet the virile, visionary vice-president from Nevada. Yet what is all the buzz about? Read on to find out. Given that he is one of the most eligible bachelors on campus, Percival ...

ASWC Resolution Condemns Racism on Campus

ASWC Resolution Condemns Racism on Campus

Sam Grainger-Shuba

November 21, 2013

ASWC senators voted Sunday night, Nov. 17 to approve a resolution designed to give the administration specific goals in reducing racism on Whitman's campus. The resolution directly addresses the issue of institutionalized racism on Whitman's campus against which a group of at least 225 student...

ASWC Resolution Encourages Greater Counseling Resources

ASWC Resolution Encourages Greater Counseling Resources

Lorah Steichen

November 14, 2013

Although the Counseling Center on campus is available to all Whitman College students, recent efforts from ASWC have moved to ensure that the center is not only open to all students but is also able to serve all students' needs. ASWC Senate passed a resolution on Nov. 3 supporting the creation of an additio...

Percival and Behroozian Obtain New Leadership Roles

Sarah Cornett

October 7, 2013

Sophomore Jack Percival and senior Kayvon Behroozian gained new titles of leadership at the first ASWC Senate meeting of the year Sunday night. Percival won the role of ASWC vice president for this year. He had previously been operating as an interim vice president after senior Brian Choe resigned...

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