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New Year Brings Changes for Taqueria Yungapeti

Jacqueline Rees-Mikula

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Taqueria Yungapeti was a household name for many Whitman students. Many Whitman students frequently made pilgrimage there for authentic food and the renowned Walla Walla Burrito.

“I don’t know what they added to it, but they did Mexican food right,” said sophomore George Felton.

Students also said that the menu was delicious, the portions were generous and the prices were affordable––even for college students.

“The burrito is the perfect food, because it’s all the things you need––veggies, beans, rice–– wrapped in a tortilla,” said first-year Aaron Stern, describing the restaurant’s food and atmosphere as something between Taco Bell and homemade Mexican food.

It’s no secret that many students enjoyed Taqueria Yungapeti. But word on the street is that the restaurant recently changed, and its patrons now wonder: What does this mean for them?

The business formally known as Yungapeti’s is a local, family-run business. It is owned by the Tello family, and every member spends time working there.

Adrian Tello explained that his aunt, who owns the building where Yungapeti’s was previously located, wanted to use the building for another purpose.

“But my father wanted to continue the business,” said Adrian.

Instead of going out of business, the family relocated to Berny’s Tacos on East Isaacs Avenue. Whitman students are happy to know that the new location is closer to campus, which spares them about four minutes round-trip when walking.

In addition to the new location, the Tello family intends on providing faster service as well as new additions to the menu, including desserts. The atmosphere at Berny’s is also different. The restaurant now offers free WiFi and 10 percent discounts for students who bring school IDs in hopes to foster a more student-friendly environment. 

Berny’s is a smaller location, servicing about 50 customers at a time. However, the owners plan to include outdoor seating in the future to accommodate more customers.

Aside from these changes, old fans are glad to know that the same food, portions and prices still remain.

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New Year Brings Changes for Taqueria Yungapeti