Second yearbook proposal approved by ASWC

Riley Mebus

Second time was the charm for Whitman’s yearbook, which gained funding after a re-vote during the ASWC Senate meeting on Sunday, Feb. 13. After their initial proposal to ASWC was voted down on Jan. 13, the yearbook staff came back with a new proposal.

The idea to produce a softcover yearbook was mentioned as a possible amendment to the yearbook staff’s initial proposal, but without a cost breakdown available it was not voted on, and the staff was required to research the cost and feasibility of that option.

The approved proposal calls for 350 copies of a full color softcover yearbook for a total of 11,511 dollars from the ASWC Travel and Student Development Fund; the original proposal called for 250 hardback copies and would have cost 15,232 dollars. The expected price to students for the yearbook is 20 dollars, down from the original price of 30 dollars. If all the yearbooks are sold, ASWC’s investment would be 8,951 dollars, which includes stipend costs and some of the cost of the yearbooks.

Though the yearbook has money for this year, it did not secure long-term funding.

“In my opinion, the proposal that the yearbook staff presented to Senate this time around was much more agreeable,” first-year ASWC Senator Kayvon Behroozian said in an e-mail. “Though it may not have been exactly what they originally had in mind, it’s the first step in the direction of making their original goal of a hardcover yearbook a reality.”

However, the proposal had a hurdle to clear before it was approved. The memorial service held for Richard O’Brien coincided with the time of the ASWC meeting, so several senators were not present for the first vote. The proposal did not reach the two-thirds majority to pass the first time around.

However, after a consultation with the Oversight Committee, a motion to re-vote was decreed a valid option. The Senate passed the motion, and on the second vote the yearbook proposal passed with 15 in favor, one against and three abstaining from vote.

“I’m glad we were able to come back to ASWC with a proposal which garnered their near-unanimous support. Everyone’s been extremely supportive given the size of the request we’re making,” Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook Ben Lerchin said in an e-mail. “They’ve put a lot of trust in us, and I’m very excited to make this happen.”