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Tracking the demise of the Whitman yearbook

Illustration by Megan Waldau

Rosa Woolsey, News Reporter

February 4, 2020

After years of budget cuts and vacillating student interest, Whitman’s yearbook, previously known as Waiilatpu, went quietly out of publication in 2017. Its discontinuation has repercussions for both the Alumni Association, which utilizes the yearbook in their reunion efforts, and the Penrose Librar...

‘Waiilatpu’ Evolves to Adapt to Budget Cuts

'Waiilatpu' Evolves to Adapt to Budget Cuts

Lachlan Johnson

October 23, 2013

In the face of a massive ASWC funding cut last year, Whitman College yearbook "Waiilatpu" has been searching for a way to survive and produce a compelling product. Changes include the elimination of paid staff positions, reorganizing the yearbook to encourage students to buy one every year and reaching...

Oh yeah, I forgot, the yearbook

Matt Raymond

April 25, 2013

After the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) narrowly voted against decommissioning Waiilatpu, the college's yearbook, various students across campus reported that, oh yeah, guess we have a yearbook at Whitman again. Although Waiilatpu will receive much less funding than its supporters...

ASWC Senate Keeps Waiilatpu, Passes Resolutions on Student Taught Classes and Divestment

ASWC Senate Keeps Waiilatpu, Passes Resolutions on Student Taught Classes and Divestment

Sarah Cornett

April 15, 2013

Last Sunday night, April 14, ASWC Senate met for nearly six hours, discussing resolutions regarding student-taught classes, divestment and the fate of Waiilatpu. Student Taught Classes ASWC Senate passed a resolution sponsored by ASWC Vice-President, senior Marcial Díaz Mejía concerning student-taught classes, making these courses officially possible next year.  He cited existing examples, including Salsa C...

ASWC Town Hall Looks at International Travel, Budget, Yearbook

Town Hall.  Photos by Brennan Johnson.

Dylan Tull

April 11, 2013

The final Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) Town Hall of the year focused on three major subjects: the lifting of the international travel ban, addressing concerns regarding the ASWC budget and tackling the question of whether or not the yearbook should continue to be funded. In a...

Second yearbook proposal approved by ASWC

Riley Mebus

February 17, 2011

Second time was the charm for Whitman's yearbook, which gained funding after a re-vote during the ASWC Senate meeting on Sunday, Feb. 13. After their initial proposal to ASWC was voted down on Jan. 13, the yearbook staff came back with a new proposal. The idea to produce a softcover yearbook was ment...

Whitman students look to revive yearbook

Joe Volpert

November 11, 2010

Nearly two decades following its discontinuation, there is a group of Whitman students who want to bring back the school's yearbook. The original yearbook, entitled "Waiilatpu," ceased production in the 1990s due to the misuse of funds and deposits. Senior Gary Wang, an ASWC senator, is one of the...

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