Campus resources for grieving students

Josh Goodman

In the aftermath of Richard O’Brien’s death, and at any other occasion, a variety of resources are available to students who are in the grieving process or need to talk to someone. Counselors and administrators are encouraging students to take advantage of these resources.

Peer Listeners:

This group of Whitman students seeks to “foster emotional well-being on campus” and be easily accessible to students. Peer Listeners hold drop-in hours in Hunter 106 on Mondays from 1-4 p.m. and Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 1-5 p.m..
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Counseling Center:

The Counseling Center includes six professional counselors who are trained to assist students in a variety of situations. Call 509-527-5195 to schedule an appointment.
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Adam Kirtley, Stuart Coordinator of Religious and Spiritual Life:

Kirtley is part of the Counseling Center staff in addition to being a minister. He is available to all students, and is able to help students wishing to address religious or spiritual issues. Call 509-522-4449.
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Friends and Acquaintances:

Leaning on those you know can help out tremendously, whether it is getting feelings out or sharing the loss together. First-year Kelly West of Jewett Hall encouraged students on campus who are grieving but don’t know where to go to visit Jewett.

Kirtley has also offered health suggestions, something friends can look out for:  “Adequate sleep and food are going to give folks a better shot at feeling stable. Inversely, things like excessive drinking or self-isolating can raise some red flags.”

Dean of Students Chuck Cleveland:

If the grieving process is affecting coursework or other areas of academics, Dean of Students Chuck Cleveland can provide suggestions and encourage professors to provide extensions as necessary. Call 509-527-5158.
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