Reid Market dresses up as Whole Foods

Madeline Kemp, Meme Archivist

One of the spookiest costumes being flaunted this season is that of Reid Market, with a stunning rendering of an authentic Whole Foods Market. We started noticing the resemblance back in August, so this Halloween the market is fully embracing its look by incorporating more decorative gourds and straw, chalkboards, high prices and artisan health-minded crackers. 

These tactics are really doing the trick. Upon entering, students find themselves so immersed in the Whole Foods experience, they start thinking irrationally. I could totally use five different artisan butters for 8 dollars a tub on the freshly baked bread I don’t have. Never heard of a lemon cucumber, but hey, they’re from a farm that Intro to E.S. visits. Better buy six. The unnecessarily vast selection of trail mixes is enough to send anyone spiraling. 

Students have been repeatedly startled by the obscure items with prices that aggressively jump out at them. This Halloween, expect to be overwhelmed by questionably niche flavors for Flex-dollar-budget-bending prices at the “Whole Foods,” tricking us all with organic fig-flavored “treats.”