Mom spends night in Jewett

Maddie Ott, Crab-on-the-Cob

The moment has arrived. The dreaded question of the weekend. She, the mother, squares her shoulders and looks deep into her 18-year-old son’s eyes. Without hesitation she asks, “and where shall I sleep tonight Cody? I am fine sleeping on the floor, but I am also comfortable sharing the bed with you.”

    Oh, the instant horror. Locking eyes with his roommate, Cody cringes with all his might. Terrified of any social repercussions he tries to defuse the terrifying situation by offering his couch-bed to his aging (but incredibly relatable mother). “Mom, you can have my bed, and I will sleep on the floor.”

“Oh great!” She exclaims, “It will be just like sophomore year of high school when you had that sleeping problem, and needed to be near me to fall asleep.” Cody just about fainted on the spot. Really spooky hours.