Tragic: Apolitical Man Can Only Identify with Memes

AQ, Swiffer Sniffer

These have been, errr, less than trying times for Nick Petersmithson, but nevertheless times that have kept Nick on his toes, certainly! Nick recognizes the wide variety of hubbub littering his Facebook feed in the last year or so, and through these observations, noticed that people are mad and angry and posting about these large markers of our time. Topics spanning from the 2016 presidential campaign and the BLM movement, to the Time’s Up Movement, and the plethora of foreign unrest and natural disasters. Woofta! Things are happening and all of these people get to say something, and Nick wants to say something, too!

Through this span of time, Nick has tried to stay active by posting dank memes that vaguely engage or converse with any of these markers of time. “But they are kind of funny and people know what I mean,” Nick noted in an interview. “I just don’t want people to know my beliefs one way or the other because I don’t even really know them. But when I post a stock image or an image of a funny T.V. character that states a buzzword in bold, white text, I know I’m really getting at something, you know? I just try and do what I can for my friends and subscribers, and I want them to know that I’m a good, cool guy either way.”

We thank Nick for his contributions to humanity.