Look Out Youse Guys! It’s Pisces Season!

Maude Lustig, Inventor of the See-Food Diet

UH OH! It’s that time of year again: a day between Feb. 19 and Mar. 20, AKA Pisces Season! Pisces, whose symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, are often linked with harmony and emotions. Yet as water signs, Pisces have a reputation for being emotional and wishy-washy. Here’s what you can expect this Pisces SZN:

Crying: Because Pisces is such an emotional sign, you can expect a whole lot of water works this next month. Them fish love salt water!

Enhanced Intuition: For the next few weeks, you will likely be able to pick up on a lot of little things you’d normally miss. This is a great chance for you to learn to trust your instincts! Is your roommate acting weird around you? Maybe she’s trying to steal your boyfriend. Start a fight with her!

Creativity: Emotional vulnerability is often linked to more creativity. Pursue your passions! Pick up a guitar and strum a few chords or sit down and write some crappy poetry. Just don’t get too invested in your projects: when Aries season rolls around you’ll just abandon all of them!

Cold Weather: This one isn’t really related to being a Pisces, as much as the time of year. It’s cold out there folks! Bring a jacket.

More Crying: Oh, you thought you were done crying? Guess again!

While this time of the year may have its ups and downs, it’s ultimately an opportunity to look inwards and get in touch with your emotions. Of course, this only applies if you think astrology is real (which it is). If you don’t believe in astrology, this is a good chance to think about how life has made you cold.