The Actual Whitman College Campus Map

Elena Aragon

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Illustration by Tyle Schuh.

Olin Hall – Welcome to the land of always being early. Because the clocks are behind by about five minutes, it is possible to leave Jewett at 8:59 and arrive by 8:57.

Prentiss Hall – Could this dorm be any harder to navigate? Apparently it’s shaped like some sort of consonant, but it’s not entirely evident. The dining hall is disproportionately girly. Anderson boys, beware of the massive flocks of sorority girls.
The Science Building – The upperclassmen entrance by Olin is utilized by those off-campus juniors and seniors, because it is rare that a first-year is willing to navigate the confusing biology room numbering. This building is also as cold as the last ice age you are probably learning about in your geology class.
Anderson Hall – Filled with SoBo pride. Who needs to cross Ankeny anyway? After all, the cozy Douglas-Anderson-Prentiss community is not worth leaving when any building north of Boyer is at least a 10-minute walk.
Jewett Hall – The place where some sort of shenanigan is always going on, whether it’s frat noise, homies chillin’ all throughout the hallway, people making up tunes on the piano or the occasional 5 a.m. fire alarm.
Hunter Conservatory – Walking into the double doors will transport you to Ancient Greece, or at least to the Washington D.C. buildings for which it gains its classic style.
Reid Campus Center – That one building where you check your mail for packages your mom sent you, and sometimes eat the Taste Of (but only if it’s Italy).
Penrose Library – The place to be from 7-10 p.m. any weekday night. You can lay your books out, looking studious, while actually talking to your friends and compadres about anything besides the work you are supposed to be doing. L stands for loud. However, watch out for the quiet room, because if you even so much as chew your gum too loudly, a senior working on their thesis will give you the death glare.
Memorial Building – The ivory tower that is always undergoing some sort of construction or other.
Lakum Duckum – The scenic spot where you can see ducks flock all year long due to the heated water. What kind of decent college doesn’t have a hot tub for little duckies?!
Maxey Hall – Both the best and worst place to have class; one can stare longingly out the window to view Ankeny Field and carefree Frolfers. But on a bad day you will want nothing more than to ditch your constitution class to enjoy the liberty of a fresh day outside.
The Amphitheatre – The only place on campus where it is not against the rules to be naked. Write that down in your planner for a place to go after the beer mile, freshmen.