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Vol. CLIV, Issue 3
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Diary of an RA

Illustration: Ruth Hwang

9 a.m.: Wake up to put puke bucket outside the door, it’s still dirty from the person who used it last night

11 a.m.: Walk to the section lounge, proceed to do all the recycling ’cause it’s filled to the brim in the closet ’cause no one ever does it

3 p.m.: Break out Settlers of Catan in the section lounge, three to four people come to join

5 p.m.: See a door open, walk in to say hello and end up having to take away a beer from a kid that’s in the same frat

6 p.m.: Some fool tries to make mac and cheese and sets a fire off on the stove, puts it out with steel wool

9 p.m.: Have section meeting, remind people again not to shotgun beers in the bathroom

11 p.m.: On duty, shut 12 people’s doors because it’s quiet hours

11:30 p.m.:  See a couple freshman hooking up in a study room . . . keep walking

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