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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Anderson C-section

C-Section in Anderson Hall is occupied by 26 first-year boys this semester who are unanimous in their agreement that their section does not boast a long-held stereotype. When C-Sec is a boys section, there is traditionally a rivalry with Jewett’s 2-West section. This year’s boys, however, do not agree. They recount an instance of a few 2-West residents’ attempt to prank them earlier this year for no apparent reason that then forced them to accept the rivalry.

“We are kind of rivals with 2-West in a way,” said Colin Domonoske, C-Section first-year. “They tried to prank us and we got them back.”

Besides the imposed rivalry with the Jewett boys, C-Sec residents are known to be “bro-ey” and typically play sports. In the section this year, there are three cross country runners, one soccer player, one swimmer and a myriad of ultimate Frisbee players.

Clayton Collins, another C-Section resident, emphasizes the musicality of the section this year.  Both Collins and fellow C-Section first-year Dylan Martin are in the T-Tones a cappella group, and there are other section mates who play instruments such as the piano and ukulele.

The section also agrees on the fact that they are really close, and that there is never a dull moment.

“I think we bond really well together,” said Martin. “And we’re damn fine.”

“That about sums it up, I’d say,” said Carl Garret, Martin’s roommate.


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