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New Women’s Soccer Coach Ready to Get to Work

Cole Anderson April 10, 2014

After an extensive and comprehensive search to fill the vacant women's soccer head coaching position, Athletics Director Dean Snider and the women's team have found a new head coach, Laura Williamson from...

Fierce Competition Predicted for Oscars

Fierce Competition Predicted for Oscars

Nathan Fisher February 27, 2014

Move aside "Downton Abbey" and "Good Wife," because the Oscars are on Sunday, March 2. That's right, the golden phallus, the Academy Award of Merit, dubbed the Oscars, will be awarded to the top dogs...

Dont Trust Bee in Anderson 203

Don’t Trust Bee in Anderson 203

Melina Hughes November 21, 2013

Oh my god guys, let me tell you. I moved here from Indiana with the dream of getting a good liberal arts education, but you will not believe what I have had to put up with! So my roommate is a total...

Anderson Hall remodel allows residence to join 21st century

Lachlan Johnson September 27, 2012

This summer Anderson Hall underwent its largest renovation since its construction in 1954. Improvements include the removal of fire doors which divided the building's hallways, improved lighting in hallways...

Anderson C-section

Kinsey White October 13, 2011

C-Section in Anderson Hall is occupied by 26 first-year boys this semester who are unanimous in their agreement that their section does not boast a long-held stereotype. When C-Sec is a boys section, there...

Alpine skiing bands togehter, finds success with club program

Pamela London February 3, 2011

In the wide world of Whitman College sports, there's a little something for everyone--from the serious athletes who compete on varsity teams to the students who want an outlet to hang out with friends...

Ski team gets ready to hit the slopes

Tyler Hurlburt December 9, 2010

It is officially winter. Thermometers read in the single digits, Styx has already been transformed into a brilliant white unicorn and the club alpine ski team is busy gearing up for its upcoming season. Even...

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