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‘I Hope I Make Friends’

‘I Hope I Make Friends’

Alex Brockman, Feature Writer

September 21, 2017

Take a walk through Anderson Hall on a Sunday night, 8:00 p.m. and a strange silence will surround you. Each dorm room remains empty, aching for its owners. Reaching the end of the hall, the silence is broken by the warm chatter of a meeting of friends soon to be a family. It is section meeting night...

Fierce Competition Predicted for Oscars

Fierce Competition Predicted for Oscars

Nathan Fisher

February 27, 2014

Move aside "Downton Abbey" and "Good Wife," because the Oscars are on Sunday, March 2. That's right, the golden phallus, the Academy Award of Merit, dubbed the Oscars, will be awarded to the top dogs in the film industry. This year's competition was fierce, and it showcased a plethora of standout movies....

Anderson C-section

Kinsey White

October 13, 2011

C-Section in Anderson Hall is occupied by 26 first-year boys this semester who are unanimous in their agreement that their section does not boast a long-held stereotype. When C-Sec is a boys section, there is traditionally a rivalry with Jewett's 2-West section. This year's boys, however, do not agree....

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