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To Consume or Not To Consume

December 5, 2015

Let's imagine together:   I am home for the Thanksgiving break, attempting to keep cool.  My friend suggests that we go downtown for the day.  Heck yes! is my only thought.  Downtown LA,...

Ray’s Anatomy

Anthony Reale, Blogger December 4, 2015

**I realized that because of the timing of this post, it's completely unclear how the heck someone could be at the beach (seeing as it's a wintry hellhole out there right now).  The explanation?  I'm...

Meet Anthony

Anthony Reale, Blogger December 2, 2015

"WOULD YOU STOP SCREAMING AT THE WINDOW?!  WE GET IT, IT'S SNOWING." I sat down, obviously scandalized by this latest update from the voices in my head.  I mean, c'mon!! It's snow.  The Southern...

Live Blog Issue 12

Live Blog Issue 12

December 2, 2015

The diligent Pioneer editors and PAs are back after giving thanks with their families and loved ones and have turned their collective attention to putting together Issue 12, our second-to-last issue of...

Issue 11 Live Blog

November 18, 2015

I cannot believe we're already to Issue 11. Today's production night is much like any other. While the newspaper includes new stories every week that refresh the paper's content, there is a certain monotony...

Senate, Round Three

Tyler Maule November 11, 2015

Though shorter than usual, Sunday’s Senate had no shortage of productive decisions. During updates, Finance Chair Anya Tudisco raised concerns about the budget deficit due to under enrollment at Whitman...

Sunday’s Senate, in Seconds

Tyler Maule November 11, 2015

As the song  “Cupid Shuffle” faded out, ASWC representatives gathered for the year’s second Senate. During Senate updates, ASWC’s committees continued to prove their productivity and commitment....

Town Hall: Community and Safety

Tyler Maule November 11, 2015

Whether they focus on a specific issue or address a broad range of ideas, Whitman’s Town Hall meetings have proven promising for community growth. These ASWC-hosted events facilitate discussion about...

Live Blog Issue 10

Live Blog Issue 10

November 11, 2015

Hello and welcome to the 10th installment of the Pioneer's live blog on Production Night. This is a special edition of the Pio because it's our 10th edition this year! We're very excited about some of...

Live Blog Issue 9

November 4, 2015

Fresh off an exhilarating trip to Austin, the Pio Staff returns to the office to lay out and finalize Issue 9. Stay tuned for updates about the snacks, funny things I hear, and also a tiny bit about writing,...

Wandering the Texas State Capitol rotunda on Saturday night.

Back from Austin Journalism Conference, with a Pacemaker!

November 4, 2015
We are back from the Associate Collegiate Press Conference in Austin!
Live Blog Issue 8

Live Blog Issue 8

October 27, 2015

Wow Pio Community! Sorry to surprise you all tonight but we've moved production night up a day so that we still have the help of all our important staff members who are leaving tomorrow for the ACP Conference....

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